Animal Control

The City of McComb Animal Control is responsible for picking up stray dogs and cats, investigating animal bites, abandonment, and animal cruelty cases in the city limits of McComb.

Location:  125 East Michigan Ave

Phone: (601) 684-3602

Emergency Calls: 601-684-3213

Visitation: 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM  





Meet Monica, she's shy of humans but gets along with other dogs. She has a very deep bark and very alert to her surroundings. She needs a home with a fenced-in yard or a home out in the country. She would do best in a home with no small kids. She has been at the shelter since November. Thanks to the great people at Hennington Chiropractic her adoption fee is paid and she is free to the approved home. The shelter number is 601-684-3602 if anyone needs any more info on her or any of the other animals at the shelter.


McComb Animal Shelter Adoption List


 Animal Control Officers:      Monique McCullough   and   Jennifer McKenzie

Date: April 14, 2016



Animal Description (Breed, Color, Sex) ID# (A) for Adopted

Intake Date

Cage #1


Cage #2

Brindle Heeler Mix Female 04/07/2016

Cage #3

Black Lab Mix Female 11/13/2015

Cage #4

Yellow Heeler Mix Female 04/05/2016

Cage #5

Brindle Heeler Mix Female 04/05/2016

Cage #6


Cage #7


Cage #8


Cage #9


Cage #10


Cage #11

Cream Pit Mix Male 04/05/2016

Cage #12


Cage #13


Cage #14


Cage #15


Cage# 16



Run #1


Run #2


Run #3


Run #4


Run #5



Cage 1

Black Lab Mix Puppy Female 03/24/2016

Cage 2

Black Lab Mix Puppy Female 03/21/2016

Cage 3

Yellow & Cream Lab Mix Puppy Female 03/22/2016

Cage 4


Cage 5


Cage 6


Cage 7

Black Rat Terrier/Poodle Mix Puppy Male 04/08/2016

Cage 8


Cage 9


Cage 10


April 8, 2016 through April 14, 2016

Number               11  Adopted

Number               00 Awaiting Rescue/Transport

Number               05  Foster