Street Division Services

Limb Pick-up Program - Limbs and vegetative debris will be picked up at citizens' requests. Please separate the limbs from other debris (bricks, tin, leaves, bottles). We have a scheduled day for pickup in each area throughout the City in an effort to cover the entire city over a period of 7-10 days.

Street Sweeping - The City operates a street sweeper program for the major thoroughfares in the City. These streets must have curbs and gutters (ex.: Delaware Avenue, Summit Street, Pearl River Avenue and Bendat).

Street Patching & Pot Hole Patrol - Employees of the Street Division are on patrol filling potholes and patching streets throughout the city. Citizens are welcome to call the office and report potholes and areas that may need patching by the Public Works Department.

Mosquito Spraying Program - The Street Division is responsible for the summer mosquito spraying program. Mosquito spraying is done at the peak of mosquito season and is done at night for safety to the citizens. Citizens may also request larvacide for standing water areas around their neighborhoods.

Other items such as refrigerators, washers, stoves can be picked up by the Street Division. Please call the office at (601) 684-3497 and request special pickups for these items.

Waste Management picks up regular household trash for citizens of McComb. They will also pickup bagged and boxed limbs and leaves. The limbs have to be cut and bundled in 4ft. lengths. Furniture such as sofas, chairs, mattresses, etc. are also picked up by Waste Management. These items MUST be stacked next to your regular trash pickup site and on the same day as your trash pickup. 

                            Telephone Waste Management for additional clarification: (601) 276-9302.