Buckle Up and Drive Sober

This Labor Day, the McComb Police Department Reminds Citizens to Buckle Up and Drive Sober

The end of summer is traditionally marked by the Labor Day holiday, a time for our country to reflect on the hard work of our fellow Americans.  The long weekend is typically celebrated through picnics, pool parties, and barbecues, as families and friends enjoy the last few days of summer before the cooler temperatures approach.  Sadly, the Labor Day holiday is also one of the deadliest, with unrestrained vehicle occupants and drunk drivers endangering themselves and others on America’s roadways.  The McComb Police Department will be highly visible during this Labor Day holiday period, August 16 – September 4 (DAY and NIGHT), showing zero tolerance for unrestrained vehicle occupants and drunk drivers during.

The McComb Police Department is asking the public to spread this life saving message before one more friend or family member is killed because they were unrestrained or driving drunk.  Seat belts save lives, and everyone---front seat and back, child and adult---must be buckled up, every trip, every time.