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Dirty Dozen Ordinance

The Code of Ordinances
The City of McComb

Did you know? “Dirty Dozen”

1. 66-2 Placing inherently dangerous items on the street
Did you know it is unlawful to place batteries and paint on the city street for pickup?'

2. 66-26 Accumulation of refuse
Did you know it is unlawful to allow garbage, refuse or rubbish of any kind to accumulate in your yard except in authorized manner?

3. 66-28 Sweeping into streets
Did you know it is unlawful to sweep or throw on any street, sidewalk or gutter any sweepings, debris or household refuse or trash of any kind which may render street, sidewalk or gutter unclean or unsightly or to cause a nuisance of any kind?

4. 66-31 Proper Disposition of Trash
Did you know it is unlawful to place any container at the curb for collection of garbage or trash without a securely bound lid?

5. 66-33 Weeds, Maximum height
Did you know it is unlawful for any person owning any lot in the city abutting on any sidewalk to permit weeds, grass, or any such vegetable growth to grow over height of 12” or to grow over the sidewalk, whether paved or unpaved, on which such lot may abut, whether or not such lot is occupied?

6. 66-88 Abatement of Nuisance by City
Did you know the city is authorized to clean nuisance property after proper notice and to charge property owner cost of cleaning plus penalty or $250 or 25% of cost whichever is greater and assess cost to the property?

7. 70-7 Historic Preservation – Certificate of Appropriateness
Did you know it is unlawful within the Historic District of the city to change any exterior feature of any resource until and after receiving Certificate of Appropriateness?

8. 302-8 Motor Vehicles
Did you know that no inoperative or unlicensed motor vehicle shall be parked, kept or stored on any premises, and no vehicle shall at any time be in a state of major disassembly, disrepair, or in process of being striped or dismantled?

9. 66-185 Mosquito Control
Did you know it is unlawful to have old tires or containers lying about your property in which mosquitoes breed or are able to breed and as such the tires or containers must be properly disposed?

10. 114-3 Sidewalk and Gutters
Did you know it is unlawful for any person to fail to keep sidewalks and gutters in front of person’s place of business, residence or personal property free and clear of trash, dirt, grass and debris?

11. 114-5 Obstruction of Sidewalk
Did you know it is unlawful for any person to obstruct in any manner or by any material whatsoever, any street, sidewalk or gutter in the city?

12. 66-158 Rat Control
Did you know that it is unlawful to store upon your property any materials that may offer rats a home, unless materials are stored 18” above the ground?

The above listed ordinances are some of the ordinances cited in the city by our Code Compliance Officer. Failure to comply is a violation or the Code of Ordinances, City of McComb City. Legal action can be taken to bring property into compliance.

Your Board of Mayor and Selectmen is committed to improving the appearance of the entire city, from downtown to all surrounding neighborhoods and business districts. We are asking you to join us and “Take Pride” in your property and in your city and comply with the Code of Ordinances, City of McComb.

If you would like to report a property that is not in compliance with this code, please call City Hall at 601.684.4000, or visit our city website,, to submit compliant form via internet.

Board of Mayor and Selectmen
City of McComb City