City of McComb Administration

McComb Seal
City Hall •  115  Third Street •  McComb, MS 39648 •  (601) 684-4000

The primary responsibility of the Department of Administration is to provide support functions to the other departments of the City of McComb.

601 684-4000 Ext. 232
David Myers

City Administrator

The City Administrator serves at the will of the Board of Mayor and Selectmen and is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the City.  The City Administrator keeps the Board of Mayor and Selectmen informed as to the affairs of McComb  and recommends to the Mayor and Selectmen actions that are necessary for the welfare of the City.

  • Responsible for examining all proposed contracts to which the City may be a party
  • Responsible for all personnel not appointed by the Board
  • Responsible for preparing the annual budget in a timely manner


Rosezea Scott

City Clerk/ Chief Financial Officer/ Deputy City Clerk
The City Clerk is  the official record keeper for the City of McComb.
  • Maintains the City's Seal
  • Keeps account of all the public funds and revenues of the City
  • Records the minutes and proceedings of the governing body
  • Audits course documents and accounting data to determine justification of the transaction in question
601 684-4000 Ext 224

601 684-4000 Ext. 213

 Kim Vaughn


The comptroller maintains general books of accounts according to established account classification, including cash books, voucher registers, general ledgers and journals.

  • Prepares and issues monthly financial reports
  • Reconciles City bank accounts for deposit warrants issued against book balance and maintain accurate records on the collection of revenue
  • Transfers funds in accounts; make sure money is available for payroll and bill payments

Donjurea Davis
Human Resources Director

Performs highly responsible administrative and technical work of considerable complexity in directing, planning and coordinating the activities of the department of administration.
  • Prepares personnel policies and procedures for distribution
  • Maintains personnel files; monitors use of employee benefits, management of records on annual and sick leave
  • Performs surveys on salaries and employee benefits; develops salary and wage plans
601 684-4000 Ext. 218

601 684-4000 Ext. 217 
 LaToya Bates

Accounts Payable Clerk & Deputy City Clerk

The Deputy City Clerk is responsible for recording and maintaining City records, deeds, agreements, contracts and any notices, ordinances and publications related to the City of McComb.

  • Verify payments sent to vendors
  • Assist with monthly balance of payroll
  • Prepares A/P and Manual Docket for board approval
  • Receives sealed bids for bid openings
  • Assists with preparing for Municipal Elections, and absentee voting
  • Assist customers with cemetery payments for burial plots
  • Sorts and processes incoming and outgoing mail
  • Answers telephone and distribute calls according