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Fire Safety

Did you know that within three minutes of a fire's inception, it can consume the contents, walls and ceiling of a room? Fire also doubles in size every 30 seconds. This is why the first moments of a fire are crucial for survival. After the fire starts, confusion and panic set in. Victims get disoriented and often can't find their normal exit from the home.

Small children and the elderly account for an overwhelming number of fatalities because they need assistance to leave a burning house. Toddlers and older children often become frightened and wait for a parent to tell them what to do. If the parent is unable to provide direction, children resort to hiding from the fire. This is why children are found in closets and under beds.

In 1999, 2,895 people died as a result of home fires in the United States. We have made great strides in fire safety education. Fire deaths have fallen 44% over the last 20 years. We still have work to do. Our goal is to prevent all fire fatalities. Education is the key.

The McComb Fire Department would like everyone to know as much as possible about fire safety. We want you and your family to enjoy long and happy lives together. We have included a great deal of information on fire safety. We hope you gain valuable knowledge that might save your life or the life of someone you love.

For more information about choosing the correct fire extinguisher for your home of work space, click the fire extinguisher link. Here, you will learn the different types of fires and along with basic information for choosing the proper fire extinguisher.

Clicking the smoke detector link will open key information on choosing the proper smoke detector for your home along with proper maintenance techniques.

We have also included home fire safety tips. These tips will assist you in being vigilant for fire hazards in and around your home.

Please print a copy of our fire safety checklist and inspect your home for the hazards listed. this will help ensure that you and your family are protected against deadly house fires.

To schedule a group tour of the fire station please call (601) 684-2124